Tatu City homes developer expands to Nigeria


British backed Kenya based developer Unity Homes has expanded to Nigeria as it seeks to tap the wider West African market.

Unity Homes, which is developing 1,200 units at Ruiru’s Tatu City, will develop a Sh4 billion, 576-unit apartment complex in the Lekki Free Zone in Lagos.

The units will be set up in Alaro City, a mixed-income development featuring industries, logistics centres, offices and homes in Lagos State.

The city is backed by Rendeavour, Tatu City's owner and developer.

Rendeavour is also developing other similar cities in Africa including two in Ghana at King City and Appolonia, Kiswishi in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Roma Park in Zambia.

"We are pleased to be the pioneer residential development in the Lekki Free Zone," said John Latham, Executive Director of Unity Homes in a statement.

Stephen Jennings, Founder and CEO of Rendeavour, said Unity will be seeking to replicate its retail market success in Kenya in the West African market.

"The success of Unity Homes in Kenya has been nothing short of phenomenal, and we are proud to grow our business together with Unity Homes across Africa," he said.

Launched in January 2019, Alaro City is planned as a 2,000-hectare new Nigerian city located in the North West Quadrant of the Lekki Free Zone.

The city will include industrial and logistics locations, complemented by offices, homes, schools, healthcare facilities, hotels, entertainment and parks and open spaces. The project is a joint venture between the Lagos State Government and Rendeavour.