Singer Nikita clarifies lyrics of ‘Ex’ hit


Sassy singer Nikita Kering has had to defend herself from a section of her fans after she released a hit in which she discusses break-ups.

“Ex” talks about the troubled relationship between a couple struggling to be together due to one of them not being ready to commit to the relationship.

And although Nikita nailed it on the videography of the song and also not failing on her lyrical prowess her fans were more concerned about the topic she chose to sing about.

Her fans felt that at the age of 19 years, she was still too young to be well versed with the topic of exes.

Resulting in her having to clear the air saying the song is not about her.

“EX ain’t about my EX,” tweeted Nikita Kering.

Below is what her fans had to say.

“Watoto wa siku hizi…at 19 already kuna a chain of ex,” wrote @HRasiene.

“Ulikuwa unaimba ile unga ya chapo?” asked @odzzmusic.

“How on earth can someone have you as an EX!!? HOW!” wondered @NgelecheiMtemi.

“@Nikita_Kering pia uko na ex na uko miaka mbao, I can be your next though,” said @KiageCornelius.

“Wait, I thought you are 16? You already have an ex,” commented @kib8elly.

Nikita started her music career at the young age of 16 years and has soared to becoming one of the most talented artists in the country.

In 2019 she was crowned the Best Female Artiste in Eastern Africa at the 6th edition of the All Africa Music Awards (Afrima). She was also voted Revelation of the African Continent