Over parenting Consequences


The idea that parents who were under parented tend to over parent their children is a common theory in the field of parenting and child development. This theory suggests that parents who experienced neglect, abuse, or other forms of inadequate parenting during their own childhoods may compensate for this by being overly involved in their children's lives, controlling their every move, and shielding them from adversity.

While there is some evidence to support this theory, it is important to note that it is not a universal phenomenon. Not all parents who were under parented become overprotective or overbearing with their own children. Many factors, such as cultural background, personal temperament, and life experiences, can influence a person's parenting style.

That being said, there is evidence to suggest that over parenting can have negative consequences for children's development. When parents are overly controlling or protective, children may struggle to develop independence, autonomy, and problem-solving skills. They may also struggle to cope with failure, setbacks, and challenges, as they have not had the opportunity to develop resilience.

For example, a parent who was raised in a neglectful household may be so focused on ensuring their child feels loved and valued that they may do everything for their child, including completing their homework, making all their decisions, and even choosing their friends. This kind of over parenting can lead to a child who lacks the confidence to make decisions for themselves or the resilience to cope with setbacks or failures.

On the other hand, parents who have experienced healthy and nurturing parenting may be better equipped to raise children with strong coping skills, resilience, and problem-solving abilities. These parents may provide a supportive environment that allows their children to learn from mistakes and develop the confidence to take on challenges.

In conclusion, while the theory that parents who were under parented tend to over parent their children may have some validity, it is important to recognize that parenting styles are complex and influenced by many factors. Ultimately, parents who prioritize their children's emotional well-being and development, while also allowing them the space to learn from challenges and make mistakes, are likely to raise children who have strong coping skills, resilience, and problem-solving abilities.


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