New Business Ideas into the year 2022


New Business Ideas into the year 2022
If you are looking for an idea to start in 2022;
I hope this helps;
1. We still import more than 90% of our edible oil requirements.
2. We still process only 4% of our milk.
3. We still have 40% post-harvest losses on perishables.
4. DRC will be joining EAC.
5. Only 35% of Kenyans are formally-banked.
6. We still import more than 75% of our pharmaceuticals needs.
7. Insurance penetration is less than 3% of the GDP.
8. Less than 3% of Kenyans participate in the stock market.
9. About 60% of Nairobi residents live in rented houses...
- People need houses which will in turn serve as an opportunity for real estate developers/affordable housing.
- This will also provide an opportunity for mortgage lenders/peer-to-peer lending platforms.
- Opportunity for real estate brokers for people with no houses and tend to move and need broker’s services.
10. Fish supply deficit is close to 500k tons an year.
11. For those who follow the EAC, kindly know that there are hundreds of opportunities that will come with DRC joining the EAC. This is because DRC is;
■ A raw 90m people market.
■ It is the largest transit destination.
■ DRC literally needs everything, from food to consumer goods + Congolese have such huge purchasing power.....ask Papa Fredy of ngamwaya kemikal....