Kasarani Fall: Woman Allegedly Pushed from Second Floor by Boyfriend and His Cousin"


"Kasarani Fall: Woman Allegedly Pushed from Second Floor by Boyfriend and His Cousin"

On Sunday night, two men were arrested in Kasarani after allegedly pushing a woman from the second floor of an apartment building, resulting in severe injuries. The suspects, Mr. Collins Kiptoo, an employee of the International Public Relations Association (IPRA), and his cousin, Mr. Ian Kipkorir, a student at the University of Nairobi, are currently in custody at Kasarani Police Station.

The incident took place at Q apartments in Clay City, where Ms. Cynthia Mboya, 26, fell from the second floor after an altercation with her boyfriend, Mr. Kiptoo. The police suspect that she was pushed and the case is currently under investigation.

As per the police report, a civilian reported the incident to the authorities, who arrived at the scene to find Ms. Mboya already rescued by neighbors and taken to Neema Uhai Hospital, where she is receiving treatment and is said to be in a fair condition.

The detective handling the case mentioned that a scuffle broke out between the trio when Ms. Mboya accused Mr. Kiptoo of having another relationship. The argument intensified, and Ms. Mboya broke her boyfriend’s television, resulting in an angry exchange between the three, eventually leading to her falling from the second floor.

Mr. Kiptoo and Mr. Kipkorir are awaiting further action while in custody, set to appear in court on Tuesday, April 11, 2023. The prosecution team seeks to keep them in custody for 14 days while investigations continue. Ms. Mboya is also expected to record a statement with the DCI.