I lost 11Million life savings and earned it back within 6 months Oscar Sudi


Kapseret Member of Parliament Oscar Sudi has narrated how he lost his life savings of Sh11 million to con men.

Speaking during a recent interview with Dr King’ori, Sudi said he fell victim to the wash-wash business, blaming greed for the loss.

“I was conned out of all that money but I don’t blame the fraudsters because I was greedy. If you see anyone who has been conned it is because they were greedy and wanted to get rich quick,” the MP said.

He added that because he had learned how to do business, he was able to recover the Sh11 million loss in 6 months.

“That is why I tell people to never lose hope in life. That’s why we are losing very many young people who are frustrated after finishing school. When you lose hope you can’t recover,” Sudi said.

How Sudi got into business.

The Kapseret MP said that he sacrificed luxury to save Sh21,000 for a whole year. He then met a resident who had a large tract of land lying idle and asked if he can use it to farm.

The proceeds from the 7-acre farm earned Sudi more than Sh120,000 after a year. With the money, Sudi invested in his friend’s transport business that handled fuel.

The business was lucrative since the petrol stations at the time were few and far from each other.

Sudi then bought his first matatu from the proceeds of the transport business. After a while, he bought 24 pool tables and stationed them in different urban centres in Eldoret.

Every pool table would bring in Sh1,000 to Sh2,000 a day. The more the players perfected their skill the faster the games would end adding to the total number of games played in a day.

Sudi would also charge people to pick their cars from Mombasa and leaned the business of clearing and forwarding.

“I also met a friend who was selling land and I joined him in the business and together we sold land to prominent people which pushed me to another level,” the MP narrated.