Hollywood actor Idris Elba's wife SabrinaElba, enjoying her visit to Kenya


Hollywood actor Idris Elba's wife @SabrinaElba, enjoying her visit to Kenya as Embu farmers welcome her with the famous 'Firirinda' dance. Sabrina is in Kenya for a special Ifadnews assignment.
Sabrina, a Somali-Canadian professional model, shared a smattering of photos from her visit to Embu- deep in the declivities of Central Kenya- with scores of local women belting out the popular 'Firirinda' number from Kikuyu benga star Dick Wamunyonyi.
She first made headlines in mainstream media publications when she was rumoured to be romantically linked to Idris.

Fast forward, the pair have now been married since 2019.

Dhowre was born on July 16, 1989, and is 16 years younger than husband Idris.

The star is the former Miss Vancouver. Dhowre won the 2014 Ms. and Mr. Vancouver Pageant.

She has graced the covers of multiple renowned magazines, among them, the Harrods Magazine and Versace.
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