Here are the New Safaricom Data Packages as the Telco Cuts its Rates


images (21).jpegKenyans giant telecommunication Safaricom has cut its rates for the monthly packages of bundled minutes, mobile data and SMS by nearly five per cent.
Safaricom took the move in a bid to counter the increasing competition from Airtel and Telcom Kenya.

In the new rates, the cost of the 1,000 minutes that comes with 15 Gigabytes (GB) of mobile data and 2,000 SMS will be going at Sh2,000.

The cost of the monthly packages that offer customers 400 minutes with 5GB and 1,000 also dropped to Sh1,000.

The price of the package where customers get 1,500 minutes, 25 GB and 3,000 SMS also fell to Sh3,000.images (22).jpeg

Safaricom’s bundled packages will also offer customers free WhatsApp and YouTube for a month.

Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa said that they had taken the measure with the intentions of enabling their customers to enjoy a digital lifestyle at an affordable rates.

“By consolidating our monthly plans, we seek to simplify our product offering while enabling our customers to enjoy a digital lifestyle in an affordable manner,” said Safaricom Chief Executive Officer Peter Ndegwa.