DV lottery 2024 opens officially. It will run till Tuesday, November 8, 2022


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DV lottery 2024 opens officially. It will run till Tuesday, November 8, 2022. It is time to try your luck in getting to America, the land of milk and honey 😋, as you've been told. To you who thinks it's the land of horrors, this isn't for you. You're OK in Kenya, so just be and let others be.
When applying, do the following;

1. Enter correct names and information

2. Do not indicate someone as a spouse if you're not married. Someone was denied after winning, because his other girlfriend also applied (won) and had indicated him as a husband. He had indicated someone different as a wife. Also ensure no one else is applying for you. It is considered fraud to enter more than once.
3. Check the site you use to apply. Some are con people who will ask you for money. It IS FREE to apply for the DV lottery. But for course if you want us to do the job for you, my buddy is able to help
4. You don't have to get professional photos. Just get a good white background and a good phone camera. Ensure it is mostly your head and shoulders that are in the foreground. But if you want professional photos, go ahead.
5. If you go to a cyber, be careful which one. Some are just after your money and will not be listening to you carefully and will just write whatever. Be keen. Read through before they hit 'submit.'

6. Do NOT wait till the last minute. Everyone will be trying to get on the site and it will crash then you won't manage to make your application.
7. Winning the green card is the easy part. The hard work comes after that.
8. Do NOT sell your properties in excitement if you do win the lottery. Wait till after you've done the interview and been granted the visa.
9. As you wait (in hope) for the results, please find someone in America who can host you, should you win. You will need an address in America when filling the DS 260 and you will also be asked during the interview.
10. You can do all this by yourself, it is not hard.
Both spouses in a couple can apply for the lottery. You increase your chances of winning.

Go ye forth and win the lottery!
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