Be Nice and stay alert and firm..



Some of us didn't further our education after secondary school some of us further to university some of us got married yet some of us are not married. Some of us are still struggling with life some of us are already settled 😅.
Some of us are still finding it difficult to eat two square meals in a day. Some of us have traveled abroad. Some of us went back to village, some of us have seen real hell and still facing hell some of us the last time we sat in a classroom was the last day we wrote our secondary school exams, in Short life is not cool to everyone.😅
The fact that u are settled and doing well doesn't mean others are in the same page with u when ever u call or run into ur old classmate, let the conversation be simple!! That we are still alive should be a thing to celebrate ✌.
Stop making ur friends feel less valued because u are married, Engaged or done with school.
Life is filled with ups and downs.
Life can turnaround💯
Never forget that you once have a best family in the local government of secondary School, remember how we all used to be.. remember who used to help you out in exam Hall..
Remember that most the exam we wrote back then was not just about your intellectual effort but the collective efforts of your fellow classmates.
Just remember how we used to fought for each other and even answered presence for each other in our absence in class.
What about how we helped one another during the compound work days?
This the time you have to pay and show your classmates some love now you are in a better position.
Remember that the things you do today will might turn and hurt you tomorrow.
Don't feel too proud because you have bread, remember someone owns the bread company.
All fingers are not equal.
You can stress your hand and be a blessing to your fellow classmates instead of mocking them simple because you're in a better position than them..
Life is not predictable.
Be Nice and stay alert and firm..
ONE Love 💓🙏.... God bless you all.