Why didn’t God restore my marriage to my abusive ex husband?


I know no one can answer specifically for my situation but I have a question about God. Why didn’t he restore my marriage to my abusive ex husband? I cried out to Him for help. He made a way for me to leave but why not restore? Why didn’t he answer me? I am so thankful to be out of that marriage and safe but why didn’t God fix it? This has really effected my faith and I just want to let it go. If I had stayed longer things were escalating and I wasn’t safe. He was talking about hanging me on multiple occasions. When I filed for a relief from abuse order he was about to leave the state with our 2 year old daughter and not bring her back. I had to keep us safe. Please give me scriptures to stand on to make peace with this. It’s been 4 years and I need to heal

Edit- I don’t still live him or want him back. Just some stuff that came up today as I heal