What is worship?


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What is worship?
my greatest revelation of worship i learned back in 2003... i've taught it so many times to my team and at trainings and conferences... and i was reminded of it again this morning....

the first time the word "worship" appears in the bible (the first time this concept is introduced to us) is in genesis 22:5 - abraham tells his servants that he and isaac are going up the mountain to worship.

worship - that's how abraham described his great obedience and sacrifice.

the first time we see worship, there is no mention of music or song or lyrics or instruments or a segment in a service.... it was all about obedience. trust. sacrifice. action... it was not sentimental or an emotion or a feeling. it was a decision to follow God.

we need to understand this - worship is NOT our songs or the lyrics we proclaim with hands lifted... worship is who we obey when that song is done.
worship is who we obey when we leave the service, when the feelings of the moment have worn off...
worship is our obedience.

who you are obeying...
THAT is who you are worshipping.