The foundation of the modern Kenya was laid by Freemasons


The foundation of the modern Kenya was laid by Freemasons. Almost all engineers, architects and administrators in the early Kenya belonged to the society.

In fact, a European could not get a senior position in the Railway which was a very influential organisation at that time, without being a Mason.

Every key European settlement in Kenya had to have four things: a school, a hospital , an Anglican Church and a Masonic Lodge. Among the oldest lodges were Nairobi, Donyo Sabuk, Kisumu and Mombasa.

Because of its secretive way of operation, the society which was first organised in Kenya in 1904, has always been misconstrued as a den of devil worshipping. The attack has always been led by organised churches and conspiracy theorists.

The society is more of a charity organised much in the same way as the Rotarians and the Roundtablers. The only difference is that it insists on a member believing in a supreme being and on every member undergoing a ritual of admission.

It insists on its members adhering to morality, charity, and obedience to the law of the land. It also insists on a sense of brotherhood among members. A Mason will never let a fellow Mason suffer. They are bound by an oath to assist each other.

For instance In 2003 , Kenya High Court Judge Justice AB Shah was suspended after it was discussed that he had written an affidavit for his lawyer friend simply because they were masonic brothers.

Freemasonry has its history in the mediaeval stonemasons who specialised in building British castles and cathedrals. To monopolise their trade these stonemasons formed a tightly knit group in which only masons with the same expertise as them could be admitted.

However with cathedrals and castles no longer being built, members of the group started appealing to other masons to join in order to bolster the dwindling membership. To admit the new members and to bind them to secrecy, they adopted the old English way of initiation.

Many members of the Colonial Legislative Council such as Ebrahim Nathoo, and Sir Derek Erskine were Freemasons. One should read Moody Awori's book Riding on a Tiger to understand how Erskine later connected him to opportunities.

The prominent Freemasons in the Kenyatta government were Mbiyu Koinange , James Gichuru and Charles Njonjo . Those in subsequent governments were Chief Justice Cecil Miller, Chief Justice Chunilal Madan, Chief Justice Kwesi Apaloo, Dr Amolo Aluoch ,Dr Walter Okok. Moody Awori, Ambrose Rachier among many others.

If Freemasonry is indeed satanic, why not bring down all the iconic buildings they designed and built in Nairobi, starting from All Saints Cathedral, Kenya Railways Headquarters, City Hall, McMillan Library , old parliament building, State House, Supreme Court building, Victoria Hospital Kisumu and Victoria Primary School Kisumu among many others.

As l had said earlier, freemasons were originally Stonemasons who were very good in their trade, and tried to preserve it by forming a closely knit society. That's why throughout the world all the ancient buildings done by them still stand out.

To correct the perception that is held out there, Freemasons are now allowing members of the public to tour their lodgesIMG_5418.jpeg