Sonko Pleads with Court to Return Sh15 Million He Paid as Cash Bail, Says He is Broke


Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has moved to court seeking to be allowed to access the Sh15 million he deposited as cash bail when he was charged with corruption.

Sonko, through an application filed at the High Court, says that he is broke and unable to meet his needs and those of his family after his bank accounts were frozen.

He wants the court to substitute the Sh15 million cash bail with his other assets valued at Sh30 million as security.

“I am asking the court to be allowed to deposit security in place of the cash bail to enable me to access the money for purposes of attending to my health, paying school fees for my children, pay my lawyers and cater for my daily needs and those of my family,” Sonko says.

His lawyer Philip Kaingu argues that an accused person is allowed to either deposit cash bail or security in a criminal case without any prejudice to the prosecution.

"The corruption cases against him have proceeded well with more than 10 witnesses which means there is no risk of him absconding court. It is in the interest that he be allowed to substitute the cash bail to enable him to fend for his family,” Kaingu said.

Sonko was in December 2019 charged with multiple graft-related offenses over alleged embezzlement of over Sh350 million from the Nairobi County government.

He was charged with money laundering, conspiracy to commit the crime of corruption, abuse of office, acquisition of proceeds of crime, conflict of interest among others.