Rashid Abdallah: Exes help marriages thrive


Rashid Abdallah: Exes help marriages thrive

It's not advisable to cut all ties as former lovers can come in handy, says anchor
TV anchor Rashid Abdallah says most marriages thrive because of the exes.

Rashid was speaking in a discussion with Bi Mswafari on Citizen TV based on whether it’s OK to speak to your ex.

Bi Mswafari thought that one should completely keep off their ex once they part.

Rashid said, "Most marriages thrive because of exes. They should even be congratulated for that."
Adding, "The problem is what they are talking about. Don’t forget that exes are human, too, so I don’t think cutting them off completely is a very good idea."
He said he knows someone who holds a job as a driver and got it through his ex.

Rashid and his wife Lulu Hassan have been married for over 10 years and have three children now.