Marya Prude opens up on how break up with Willis Raburu contributed to her weight loss


Media personality Willis Raburu’s ex-wife Marya Prude has disclosed how her break up with the TV presenter contributed to her weight loss.

Taking to Instagram, Marya detailed how it was hard for her to cut weight despite the consistent

work out schedule she got into.

However, she narrated that after going separate ways with her ex-husband she realised she has lost a lot of weight.

”I started working out around 2018 but at that point I was not losing weight. I really used to work out a lot, I would lose one kilogram and then gain two
“So I stopped, then I got back to it again when I was four months pregnant. I actually wanted to start earlier but then the first trimester was no joke. I worked out till the eighth month then I stopped since I was too heavy,” she explained.
She further explained that after losing her unborn baby and separated from her husband, she got to a point where she could not eat at all and thus the weight loss.

“So I got back to working out in February, I had a lot on my mind, so I decided to take a random morning run.Then i started running daily after getting compliments from people who noticed the changes. I did that for a while until I started living alone
“Living solo was another long process for me. It meant cooking for myself yet I love cooking for people. And because of the things I was going through at the time, it got to a place I could not eat, I did not want to be around food and I really shed a lot of weight until my parents noticed and asked me to go back home,” she added.
This comes almost a year after Marya and Willis broke up over infidelity claims.

According to a source who spoke to Word Is, the couple had issues after Prude learnt her husband was cheating with a Ugandan woman.

The presenter got married to Marya in an exclusive wedding two years ago, which only close friends and family members attended.