Inside Multi-Billion Govt Apartments Edging out Nairobi Landlords


The government has embarked on a plan to give Nairobians an opportunity to own their own homes under the affordable housing programme.

Already some projects have been completed and awating occupation after the government allocated KSh 6.9 Billion to the progamme for the financial year 2020/2021.

The construction which is being handled by the National Housing Corporation (NHC) is geared towards creating sustainable and decent housing for Kenyans.

A number of projects are underway throughout the country in Nyeri, Kisumu and Machakos.

In Nairobi, there are two apartment complexes available in Kibera and Lang'ata areas.

Off the Southern bypass, adjacent to NHC Lang'ata Court, is the NHC Langata Commercial Centre.

Currently, the units that are readily available are one-bedroom and two-bedroom.

The houses have a modern finish and provide parking, cabro paved driveways as well as a constant water supply.

Residents who choose to live in the apartments will be 10 mins from Nairobi CBD.

The complex has a total of 100 units in total.

Like the Lang'ata apartments, the Kibera Lang'ata apartments have ample parking, cabro paved driveways and a constant water supply.

A major selling point for the apartments is the proximity to the Nairobi CBD, with a trip taking only 15 minutes.

The units are available on tenant and outright purchase terms with prices from Ksh 3.65 million depending on the size of apartment one wants.

The units are up for sale going from Kshs 5.5 million.

EPS Technology

The houses are built using a technology referred to as Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) which greatly reduces the cost of construction.

EPS building technology entails building homes by assembling ready-made EPS panels, sandwiched between a wire mesh that is sealed on both sides with concrete.

Single panels which can do up to 4 storey building while double panels which can do up to 20 storey building.

Costs savings average at around 25% while construction time is cut by half as the panels come ready for installation.

Terms & Conditions for acquiring a home

1. Sale is open to members of the public on Outright Sale Terms i.e. down payment of 20% of the purchase price and balance thereof within 90 (ninety) days from the date of the offer letter.

2. Sale is strictly on a first come first served basis and on fulfillment of the conditions herein.

3. Applicants are required to fill an application form and pay the requisite 20% deposit of the purchase price.

4. Deposit is payable to National Housing Corporation by Bankers cheque or direct bank transfer.

5. Only applicants who will have paid the requisite 20% deposit will be considered depending on the availability of units.

6. Unsuccessful applicants will be refunded their deposit without interest.

The application process

Individuals interested in buying Affordable Houses under AHP will first have to register on the affordable housing portal, either online or on their mobile phones.

All applicants will need to be a citizen of Kenya with a valid national ID number. There is no fee for applying. It is absolutely free. Applicants will have to be at least 18 years of age

Begin making contributions to the Housing Fund and select their housing preference from the available or upcoming housing stock.

Once registered and contributing to the Housing Fund, applicants who qualify will participate in a Regular and Transparent Allocation process for the available houses