How to Access the Arizona University Free Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation Courses


images (11).jpegArizona State University is offering free 16 module courses Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The courses are being offered through a bootcamp programme conducted by Thunderbird School of Global Management at University of Arizona that his free for everyone.

On the University website, an pop-up advertisement showed that they have ongoing intakes on the Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation courses in collaboration with Najafi Global Initiative.images (10).jpeg

“The 100 million Learners Bootcamp on Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation can be taken by any learner at no cost, thanks to the generous philanthropic gift from the Najafi Global Initiative,” info on the university website reads.

Some of the courses to be offered includes:

1.Strategic Planning: Visioning and Goal-Setting

2.Organizational Readiness for Scaling and Expansion

3.Prioritizing Actions to Deliver Intended Results

4.Accountability, Transparency, and Ethics in Business

5.Recruiting Quality Talent for Business Growth

6.Creating a Business Culture for Growth

7.Developing Staff for Business Growth

8.Leveraging Value Chains as a Competitive Advantage

9.Financial Analysis and Management

10.Funding and Access to Capital

11.Public-Private Partnerships for Business

12.Social Entrepreneurship

13.Creating Customer Allegiance Through Marketing

14.Effective Branding for Business Growth

15.Intellectual Property in Business

16.Using Social Media Effectively for Business

17.Redefining Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Business Success

For one to access the free courses, they need to follow the following link that will lead you to the University website.