Friday Weekly Biz News:World's busiest international flights of 2023, per Bloomberg:



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World's busiest international flights of 2023, per Bloomberg:
World's Busiest International Flights of 2023

Increase %
Kuala Lumpur - Singapore4.9M
Cairo - Jeddah4.8M
Hong Kong - Taipei4.6M
Seoul Incheon - Osaka Kansai4.2M
Seoul Incheon - Tokyo Narita4.2M
Dubai - Riyadh4.0M
Jakarta - Singapore3.9M
New York JFK - London Heathrow3.9M
Bangkok - Singapore Changi3.5M
Bangkok - Seoul Incheon3.4M
Chime (doing business as Sendwave) is a nonbank fintech company incorporated in Delaware with its principal place of business in Boston. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of WorldRemit, which had total revenues of nearly $400 million in 2021.
Sendwave means that we can get more money to our family in Kenya directly, without the commissions that we used to have to pay. It is an app that has genuinely made life better, as it allows us to connect with Kenya's Mpesa system.

Equity Bank Kenya is SENDWAVE money transfer, Corresponding Bank in East and Central Africa huge deal.

The US dollar has just crossed Sh160 again as the Kenyan Shilling continues weakening.

The New York attorney general asked a judge to ban former President Donald Trump from doing real estate business in the state for life, ban him from serving as an officer or director of a New York corporation, and fined $370 million.

U.S. economy added 216,000 jobs in December, per Axios.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has said that the US has achieved a soft landing.

AI could mean free doctors and lawyers for everybody in 10 years, OpenAI investor Vinod Khosla has said.

America in 2023 has had the slowest population growth since Great Depression, per Axios.

The housing market is so tough that divorced couples are still living together, per WSJ.

World's busiest international flights of 2023, per Bloomberg:

Americans are increasingly tapping their retirement savings to cover housing and medical bills amid higher cost-of-living pressures, per Fidelity.

Mark Zuckerberg sold nearly half a billion dollars of Meta, $META, shares in the final two months of 2023.

Obesity and diabetes are at record highs in the US, per Gallup.

OpenAI is launching its GPT store next week, per Information.

Microsoft, $MSFT, said it is adding a button to its Windows keyboard that would pull up its AI Copilot service, per Reuters.


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