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1. If you accept tough times are part of the seasons of life, it will keep you from sinking into depression

2. Maintain a healthy perspective. Going through tough times doesn't mean you are not blessed, you are actually being prepared for something great. Preparation is often not easy but it is the foundation of better things to come

3. Tough times will reveal to you your true friends and expose the fake ones

4. Tough times will introduce to you real friends who are attracted to your purpose

5. The best ideas tend to be conceptualized in tough times

6. Sometimes God allows you to go through tough times to wake you up and get your attention especially when you have become too familiar with Him

7. Sometimes you have to reach a dead end where no one but God can help you, so that no one but God can receive the glory

8. Great people have learnt the art of converting tough times into a path to being a master of something

9. There are some lessons that tough times will teach you that good times can't

10. Tough times will open your eyes to see opportunities and doors that complacent you did not

11. Some of us lack the courage to move past our current level and lack the initiative to take the next step on our own, tough times will catapult you to the next stage of your life that you are afraid to take

12. Tough times will make you naked so that you see yourself for who you truly are. Tough times will force you to be real with yourself, what are you really made of? Because when you are going through tough times, there is no one to impress, you have to be you

13. Most couples enter their best season after they reach rock bottom. That is when their true love is tested and they emerge stronger together

14. Instead of complaining about tough times, ask yourself "What am I being taught and how can I ride this wave to be better?"

15. Read biographies of the great. No story of greatness has ever been written without a season of tough times

16. Up the mountain, down the valley; the Lord is your portion in the land of the living. Even in tough times, God is with you

17. Tough times might take you a step back so that you restrategize or change route but you will soon charge forward with more power than ever before

18. There is a better, wiser you waiting after you have conquered the tough times

19. Once you conquer tough times, mentor others with the lessons learnt. Don't be stingy with your wisdom. Greatness is not selfish