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    divisors calculation for primary students

    What is a Divisor? A divisor is a number that divides another number in a division equation. It doesn’t matter whether the number divides it completely or produces a remainder. However, when someone asks you the divisors of a certain number, they are usually referring to factors. Both words are...
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    How to easily Tackle any GCD question for primary student

    lets us understand What is GCD? The GCD of two or more integers refers to a positive number that can divide all the numbers without a remainder. GCD synonyms HCF – Highest Common factor GCF– Greatest Common Factor HCD – Highest Common divisor How to Find GCD You can find the GCD using 3...
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    What minus What equal 200

    You can workout such problematic math problems by using what minus what equals calculator . Otherwise i can also add that (2) and (3) are both problematic for the same reason -- they don't indicate the directionality of the subtraction. Given two numbers, there is not "a subtraction" of those...
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    What minus What equal 200

    Hello, everyone: Is it correct to ask the three questions below? 1. What number minus what number equals 200 ? 2. What two numbers subtracted from each other equals 200 ? 3. The subtraction of what two numbers equals 200 ? A. 200 - 5 B. 205 - 5 C. 210 - 5 I need an answer kindly Thank you.
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    TSC interdiction process

    The Teachers service Commission,TSC ,has a responsibility to ensure their is discipline among teachers and that the code of conducts is adhered to. But before a teacher is disciplined there is a dismissal or interdiction process that is followed to confirm if the accused teacher is indeed guilt...
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    All Titles (TSC-Scales) of Secondary School Teachers; Requirements for appointment/promotion

    1. Secondary Teacher III T- Scale 6 This is an entry grade for secondary school teachers who are holders of Diploma in Education. Requirements for Secondary Teacher III T-Scale 6 be in possession of Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) with a minimum mean grade of C+ (Plus) or its...
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    Kenya: Offences that can lead to a teacher’s interdiction or dismissal and the evidence required

    In any institution or organization irregardless of whether it is public or private there are gross misconducts by employees that cannot be tolerated by their employers. Teachers are no exception to that , there are gross misconducts that when committed may lead to dismissal or interdiction by...
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    Reasons why students find science hard to learn and understand

    Science should be fun to learn and teach, it is a thought process; one makes observations and weighs evidence to judge how or why something occurs. But this is not the process that many science classes use. Students often see science related subjects as being too hard due to the intimidating...